How Can You Find Parking by the Famous Navy Pier in Chicago?

by | Sep 17, 2020 | Autos

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Going to Chicago can be a fun, memorable experience, but traffic and parking tend to be a headache. Chicago is infamous for being crowded, and good parking spots can be difficult to find, particularly if you’re checking out a tourist spot like the famous Navy Pier. How can you find a good parking space without driving around Chicago for hours?

How to Find Parking by Navy Pier in Chicago

Fortunately, there are certain apps you can use to help you find and reserve parking in Navy Pier before you even get there. Parking apps list all the parking options in your chosen location, as well as their prices and availability. The app also lists the amenities you might find in the parking area, like a covered garage that shields your vehicle from the weather. You’ll be able to figure out where to park even if you’re several miles away.

You can also reserve a parking spot directly from the app. Some apps work directly with the parking garages to get the best prices and the most up-to-date information. You can choose a spot and pay right from the app, then receive a QR code that secures your spot.

If you need help with parking at Navy Pier or any other Chicago landmark, you can visit the ParkChirp website to find parking spots in the area and locate the best deals. Type the address into the search bar, and the parking options will come up. You can reserve a spot directly from the app or website.

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