Upgrade To A Full Synthetic Oil Change For Your New Jersey Commute

by | Aug 1, 2018 | Ez Auto Blog

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Adding the miles on any vehicle in New Jersey, particularly vehicles used for commuting to and from work, is never a problem. The traffic, the hours on the road and the constant stop and start of city driving are hard on any vehicle, even brand new cars.

One way to add protection to the engine of your vehicle is to ask for a full synthetic oil change the next time you have scheduled maintenance requirements. There are several important advantages to the choice of synthetic oil over traditional, conventional motor oil.

What is Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic motor oil, as a simple definition, is a blend of different base liquids that are designed to protect engines. These liquids are made up of alkylated aromatics, synthetic esters, and PAO or polyalphaolefin. These man-made compounds all have a uniform molecular structure, unlike conventional motor oil, which is organic and can have significant molecular size variations.

Additionally, the oil companies add a range of different products to increase dispersal of the oil, increase anti-wear properties and to avoid the oil from thickening and thinning with temperature changes.

With the uniformity of synthetic motor oil, a full synthetic oil change will do several things in the engine of the vehicle. These include:

  • Creating less friction and therefore less heat, leading to the much slower breakdown of the structure of the oil.
  • Resist thickening in cold weather, providing easier engine starts and less wear and tear on the engine in the winter months.
  • Higher temperature ratings to allow top performance at heat levels where conventional oil begins to break down.
  • Increase the lubrication of the engine parts, reducing friction and eliminating wear and tear.

While a full synthetic oil change will be slightly more costly than a conventional oil change in New Jersey, the benefits to your vehicle can significantly outweigh the small cost difference.

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