A Quick Look at How to Get a Great Parking Spot in Downtown Chicago

by | Dec 18, 2020 | Parking

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Do you ever find yourself avoiding taking your car into downtown Chicago due to concerns about parking? It can be a hassle to find a good parking space downtown, especially when parking garages want to charge you a fortune just to park your car for a few hours. That’s why many consumers in Chicago are now using a sophisticated app that simplifies the entire process.

No longer must you spend an hour driving around looking for a decent parking garage that won’t overcharge. Today, you can just enter the location you want to park at and an app will find all of the nearest parking garages available. These apps will even list off the prices charged by each parking garage to help you find affordable parking near Chicago with ease.

It’s really easy to use these apps too. In fact, you just might find them to be even more convenient to use than traditional methods of parking. Rather than having to pull a ticket and pay an attendant, you can now simply make your reservation online. Simply enter the date and time for which you need parking near Chicago, and the app will make the reservation on your behalf.

Once you have arrived at the parking garage, just scan your QR code and you’re ready to park. It really is that easy. The rest of the transaction is now done completely online so that you never have to fumble with those easy to lose parking tickets ever again. To learn more about how you can now book your parking electronically, please visit ParkChirp by visiting their website today.

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