All About Trailer Hubs And Wheel Bearings

Trailers have trailer hubs and bearings that help wheels spin so that there isn’t much friction and heat created. Understand that lubrication is very important to wheel bearings. When wheel bearings don’t have enough lubrication, they can easily go bad. Bearings might have to be repacked with grease added to them if there is a problem with lubrication. Other times, the entire hub assembly just has to be replaced. Mechanics can usually tell when it’s time to replace a trailer’s hub assembly, but there isn’t anything stopping trailer owners from learning the symptoms of bad bearings and doing their own replacement work.

Strange Sounds

People who need new trailer hubs from Website Domain or another website that sells trailer parts might notice that their trailers make strange sounds. If a person suspects bearing issues, they can conduct tests to check for noise. Using a parking lot after business hours is a good way to check for bearing noise. The trailer should be hauled under 20 miles per hour. If any grinding or squeaking is heard, there might be bearing issues. Trailer owners might get better results if they let another person haul the trailer while they stand to the side and listen for sounds.

Checking Motion

When a wheel moves back and forth too easily, it has excessive play. This means that something is definitely wrong with the trailer. There can also be a problem if there isn’t enough wheel play. When there isn’t enough movement, a wheel bearing might get too hot. A person will have to use a jack to lift their trailer off the ground in order to detect excessive wheel play. People can also spin their wheels to see if the wheels spin in a smooth and controlled manner. It only takes a few minutes to check a wheel’s motion, but it is well worth the effort. A bearing might just have to be adjusted. That’s much better than having to buy a new assembly if the problem were allowed to continue.

It’s important to pay attention to a trailer’s wheels. Wheel problems can cause a person to easily lose control of their trailers while they are on the road.

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