Dodge Dealership in El Paso, TX Shares Useful Summer Road Trip Hacks

by | Jul 29, 2022 | Car Dealer

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Summer is the perfect time to go on a road trip with your family. But things can go south pretty quickly if you hit the road unprepared. It gets even more inconvenient when kids and pets tag along. A Dodge dealership in El Paso, TX has a few tricks you can follow to make traveling less stressful.

Fridge for Perishables

A road trip usually takes several hours between stops. With soaring temperatures, fresh products like meat and vegetables can spoil quickly. You can choose not to bring perishable foods or get yourself a small fridge. Travels are more enjoyable when you don’t have to limit your diet to get by. Just make sure to buy only the amount of fresh food that will fit in your fridge to avoid waste.

GasBuddy for Fuel Finder

You will need to refill your tank a few times throughout your journey. But it can be hard to find cheap gas if you’re unfamiliar with your route. You’ll be in big trouble if you fail to find a fuel station when your tank is almost empty. Use a fuel station finder like GasBuddy to guide you. You can download it for free online. Google Maps is also a good tool for finding fuel stations, except it doesn’t have a filter for the cheapest gas prices in the area.

Multi-port Car Charger

Electricity is your most essential resource during a road trip. You need it to power your vehicle and devices. Additionally, your camera, smartphones, and entertainment all depend on it. But, of course, you can’t hook up everything on your car’s battery. So, better bring with you a heavy-duty power bank, one that can last for several days. Dodge dealers in Alamogordo, NM also recommend bringing a multi-port car charger so you won’t have to compete for unused ports during the trip.

Tracing Activity

Kids get bored very quickly. Not half an hour into your trip, they’ll start asking if you’re there yet–on repeat for hours. Then the tantrums will follow. It can be dangerous to continue driving with loud and chaotic kids jumping around in your vehicle. So instead, you can distract them by giving them a map tracing activity. You can show them on the map where you’re going and then let them mark your current location every time you stop. This way, they can get a sense of how much longer it will take to arrive at your destination.

Inflatables as Beds

Vehicles double as a temporary shelter for travelers. If ever you get stuck on the road and have no place to spend the night, you can sleep in your car. Set up an inflatable pool raft in the backseat where you can comfortably lie down and stretch. Of course, it would be best to bring a tent if you find sleeping in your vehicle uncomfortable. An inflatable is better than a cushion because you can shrink and store it in a small container. Make sure to park your car somewhere safe, close to other travelers if possible.

Traveling is an excellent source of knowledge. You discover a lot of new things in every place you go. Your experience in the outdoors also teaches life hacks like those shared in this article, which you can use on future road trips. Check out Viva CDJRF for more helpful tips.

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