How To Care For Volkswagen Diesel Engines

by | Apr 12, 2016 | Ez Auto Blog

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Volkswagen diesel engines tend to require less ongoing maintenance and fewer repairs than traditional gas engines. This is a huge benefit to ownership, and can mean fewer trips to the mechanics – meaning more money in your pocket. However, when a diesel engine does require repair, it can be tricky to find reputable repair at a reasonable cost. The good news is that a prudent owner, who pays attention to his or her car, and who follows the tips set put below, can ensure a longer lasting, less expensive engine. Here are some ways to maximize the lifespan of Volkswagen diesel engines.

Regular Inspection

Be sure to inspect your engine on a regular basis, paying attention things like oil level and fuel injectors. The glow plugs are also crucial for a diesel engine, as they provide the heat required to start your engine on a chilly day. It is especially important to have the glow lights looked at in the winter months, well in advance of a problem appearing.

Check Your Fluids

The fluids in any car, especially those in Volkswagen diesel engines, should never be allowed to empty. Always give the car time to cool before inspecting the fluids to give them time to settle. This helps the car owner better assess engine performance, and helps reduce burns and other accidents during inspection. Along those same lines, avoid inspecting the engine while the car is running or while the engine is hot. Regardless of your car’s condition, your safety should always come first.

Invest In Diesel Treatment

Each and every time you fill your tank, throw in a bottle of diesel treatment. This solution helps prevent the diesel fuel form mixing with any sediment or other imperfect aspects of older fuel still remain in the engine. This helps keep your car running smoothly, and will reduce unnecessary trips to the gas station and mechanic.

Pay Attention

While driving, pay attention to the way your car is performing, and bring it into a reputable mechanic at the first sign of trouble. It is far more costly to “wait and see” when it comes to a problem with the vehicle. Regular maintenance can prevent engine issues, but aren’t 100% guaranteed to work. In addition to making sure your fluid is toped off, have your vehicle checked over by a reputable mechanic on a regular basis. He or she is in the best position to alert you to any problems you may be experiencing now, as well as the best way to prevent issues in the future.

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