How to Find the Right Car Rentals in New York, NY

by | Feb 12, 2019 | Car Rental

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It’s understandably uncommon for New Yorkers to own vehicles. This makes sense given how affordable public transit is within the city and how expensive and inaccessible parking spaces are.

What happens when area residents need to leave the city, though? They look into Car Rentals in New York NY. Whether they are locals looking to get out of the city for the weekend or visitors who don’t feel comfortable being tied to public transportation, following the tips below is a great way to find the right rental at the right price.

Check Insurance Coverage

Visitors from out of town often own vehicles in other states, which means they usually have car insurance policies. Drivers should check these policies before renting to make sure they’ll be adequately covered. If that doesn’t seem to be the case, car rental companies typically offer additional insurance at reasonable rates.

Look for EZ Pass

Locals planning trips out of town should look for Car Rentals in New York NY that come equipped with EZ Pass. This feature makes it much easier to deal with toll roads and can save a great deal of time. Whether readers are leaving the city for the day or the week, they won’t want to waste their vacations sitting in traffic, so it’s worth doing some extra research to make sure a vehicle is EZ Pass equipped.

Ask About Fuel Mileage

Most car rental companies don’t start charging by the mile until a pre-set maximum mileage has been reached. All of them require drivers to pay for their own gas, though. That means it’s possible to save a good deal of money by renting a comparatively fuel-efficient vehicle.

Know the Local Laws

Whether drivers are from out of town or just don’t own cars in NYC, they should make a point of familiarizing themselves with the local driving laws before taking their rentals out for a spin. Most notably, remember that the speed limit is 25 unless otherwise posted, and it is illegal to turn right on red.

Rent a Car Today

Readers who are ready to start looking for a rental can check out C.C. Rental online to get started. They offer cars, trucks, SUVs, and more. You can connect with them on Facebook for more updates!

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