Looking for Reliable Used Car Dealers, Find Them in Joliet IL

by | Jun 19, 2018 | Car Dealer

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The process of buying a used car is very similar to buying a new car. The car may be used, but it is new to you. When visiting the lots of car dealers around Joliet IL, the entire process can be just as exciting and rewarding as if you were shopping in the new car showroom.

Decide How Much You Can Spend

Do not wait until you get to the used car dealers to figure out how much you can spend. The first, and perhaps most important part of car buying is to establish your budget. Only you know your finances. When you know what you can comfortably commit to, you know what used cars you can focus on.

What you can afford is not the same as what you should spend. Although you may be able to afford a specific used car, this does not mean it is the best option. If you are going to finance the purchase, keep your monthly payments no more than 20 percent of your net monthly income. It is easy to lose sight of the fact that your general expenses are going up. The cost of food, utilities, medical care and communication costs never seem to come down.

Types of Used Cars

Once you have a handle on your car-buying budget, you can begin to look at the options. Used car dealers offer two options: Conventional used cars and certified pre-owned vehicles.

   * Certified Pre-owned The majority of CPO cars are those that have come back off lease. These cars are subjected to a multi-point inspection. Any parts that need to be replaced are replaced. When the car is offered for sale, it includes the balance of the factory warranty, plus additional warranty

   * Used Cars A typical used car can be a great deal. Cars manufactured in the last few years are far better than they were in the past. Used car dealers today will always have a good selection of reliable vehicles available.

When you buy from dealers in Joliet IL, the dealer can arrange to finance and in many cases, offer an additional warranty.

If you are looking for good used car dealers, visit Ron Tirapelli Ford in Shorewood, near Joliet IL. For a current list of available cars and light trucks, visit https://www.rontirapelliford.com. Follow us on twitter.

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