What Parts Are Best Bought as a Kit?

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Automotive

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There are certain parts that it is usually cheaper to just buy a kit than to try to buy each part individually, even if the kit includes parts that you will not use. These kits also offer other advantages such as including all of the parts that you need, so there are no surprises later. This can reduce downtime since you do not have to order parts that you forgot about and wait for them to come in. Add in the extra shipping and these extra costs can quickly add up. Here are a few things that you should always buy as a part of a kit.

Transmission Rebuild Kits

Rebuilding a transmission is not a small job. There are a lot of parts that you will need, including gaskets and seals. Trying to source and buy each of these individually would be time consuming and expensive, so be sure to order a kit. Automatic transmission parts, in particular, can add up if you do not buy the kit.

Engine Rebuild Kits

Like rebuilding a transmission, rebuilding an engine is a very involved job, and these parts can add up even more than a transmission rebuild. Engine rebuild kits come with everything you need to rebuild your engine, but be sure to order it after you have your machine work done. This way you will know what size bearings and head gasket to order. You do not want to buy a kit only to find out your bearings are too thick.

Brake KitsTransmission Rebuild Kits

Again, buying a kit is cheaper than the sum of its parts. Brakes are no exception, especially with master kits. If your brakes need to be rebuilt, then this is the way to go. This is especially true if you have drum brakes since these have a lot more parts than disc brakes do.

Buying a master rebuild kit is a great way to save money on your rebuild and make sure that you get everything you need the first time.

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