Looking For A Reliable Used Audi A5? Check Out These Three Years

by | Jun 19, 2024 | Automotive

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Are you looking for a compact luxury car? Do you want something fun to drive in and around Akron OH? What about sporty, lively and classy? If so, you should consider the Audi A5 in Akron, OH. Even used, it is an all-round, reliable car. Below are three A5 cars you should look at.

The 2008 A5

In its debut year, the A5 received rave reviews. It was described as comfortable, sporty, luxurious, quiet and agile. People liked its appearance and its extremely fluid eight-speed transmission.

Although the first production of any model tends to have reliability issues, the A5 bucked this trend. However, as is the case with any vehicle, make sure it has been well-maintained. Note this is not the vehicle for those who must have the latest gadgets.

The 2014 A5

The 2014 Audi A5 continued the trend of reliability. It also received copious praise for its sophisticated appearance, classy interior design and ease of handling. The A5 also had improved fuel efficiency. Recording above-average reliability makes this the most reliable year for a used A5.

The 2021 A5

If you are looking for a used A5 with more modern technology, look at the models from 2021. This year saw an even more perfect blend of progressive technology, high-class and luxurious interior and agile and quick powertrains. It received positive reviews from both critics and owners alike – including in long-term reliability. It is the ideal Audi A5 for those who want an affordable Audi but do not want to give up modern technology.

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