Wanting More Power: Check Out Any Audi RS for Sale

by | Oct 4, 2022 | Car Dealership

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If you want more power in your Audi, you need to step it up with an Audi RS. For sale at Audi dealerships across the country, this is the model with enough power to conquer the streets of Maple Shade NJ with ease. As the RS signifies, this is a rally sport model.

High Performance

The Audi RS is the top trim level of the company. It is the highest level of performance a car can achieve. It ranks even above the fast-paced S level. An Audi RS is for sale in Maple Shade NJ in the following popular types:

• The Audi RS 7: This one has twin-turbo V8 engines
• The RS 6 Avant: This is what happens when a utilitarian station wagon mates with a high-performance powertrain
• RS e-tron GT: This is for those who want to have power but achieve it in an environmentally responsible manner


As with any high-performance car, the focus is on the driver. It is his/her needs and desires that count. Passengers are less important. As a result, power, control and speed are behind the construction of the Audi RS. For sale, it represents the best the company’s engineers, technicians and designers can provide in the high-performance or sports car class.

More than Speed

Yet, while the vehicle is all about performance, it does not neglect comfort. It comes with cozy seats and a solid infotainment system. It always delivers for the driver. Elegant and graceful, an Audi RS purrs like a cat and is as agile.

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