When It’s Time to Replace Your Wheel Hub

by | Jun 27, 2016 | Auto Repair

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Unfortunately, cars don’t last forever, and neither do individual parts or components of your car. When you rely on your car for everyday needs, it’s critical to keep your vehicle in good working order in order to maintain safety and optimal performance. A skilled mechanic can identify problem areas, but it’s always helpful if you can spot things yourself. Your wheel hub is a vital component that keeps the wheels turning on your car. Knowing when a replacement is in order can be difficult on your own, so here’s a few tips to help you out.

Your Hear Noises

It’s usually not a good thing when you hear strange noises coming from your car. It’s the same with your wheel hub. Wheel hub replacement may be necessary if you start hearing popping, clicking or snapping sounds coming from your wheel area. Often, these noises signal that the outer CV-joint is either wearing out or damaged. Pay attention to these types of noises especially when you are turning sharp corners.

Bad Vibrations

At one time or another, you’ve probably experienced a vibrating steering wheel or even a wheel that’s wobbling. This can be a red flag that there is either a damaged tire, misaligned carriage or something wrong with the suspension component. But it can also mean that the bearings are damaged. Often, this problem occurs if a mechanic fails to apply proper torque to your lug nuts.

Tire Wear is Uneven

If you notice that your tears are severely worn unevenly, it  may not be a tire problem. You may have a deeper problems to address. The suspension components may be damaged, which would require a wheel hub replacement.

Uneven Wear on Brake Pads or Rotors

Usually, this is more of an issues with the braking system, most notably with the calipers not retracting. Failure to correct this problem can have severe complications, so take regular notice of this issue.

Extreme Pulling to the Side

If you suddenly hit the brakes and your car pulls to the side in an abnormal fashion, you may need wheel hub replacement. This happens when the brakes are loose due to bearing issues. It can also occur when the calipers fail to react.

Issues with your car are nothing to take lightly. You depend on your vehicle to transport you to important activities every day.

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