Why You Need Auto Air Conditioner Repair Services in Fort Riley, KS

by | Jun 16, 2016 | Automotive

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Let’s face it, a car CAN function all day long without an air conditioning; it’s not a necessity by any stretch of the imagination. However, to the person driving the car, it’s an entirely different story. A well-functioning air conditioning in a Kansas car is worth its weight in gold to the person who slides into that steamy, non-tinted windowed car with shorts on. Just because the thermometer says 85 degrees outside does not mean it’s the same inside that car that’s been sitting in the outdoor parking lot all day long. Everything you touch, from the steering wheel to the ignition, is going to burn at the touch. So, if it’s not necessary, why fight the summer heat without a/c? The simple answer is, you shouldn’t.

With proper auto air conditioner repair services in Fort Riley KS, any car can be chill as a cucumber all summer long. It’s one thing to change your own oil or pump up the air in the tires, but when it comes to air conditioning repair, it’s best to let the experts handle the hard stuff. And, if truth be told, the problems could be minor issues such as a bad drive belt or a loose hose in the mechanisms. But, the problem could also be much more involved, dealing with the compressor, leaks, evaporator core, cycling switch, or, more common, Freon shortage. There could be wiring issues, short-circuits or any number of other issues wrong with the a/c, so for this reason, it’s best to let a company that specializes in Auto Air Conditioner Repair Services in Fort Riley KS tackle the problem.

Even if your air conditioning seems to be working fine, maintenance should still be a priority. Experts suggest car owners have their a/c maintained every two years, whether it’s just checked or it needs to have parts lubricated. Check with your current auto repair shop to see if they handle air conditioner repair. If not, contact Ekart Automotive Services for a quality company to work on your automobile. Don’t wait until a costly problem presents itself, instead, be pro-active and have your air conditioner looked at while it’s still working fine.

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