3 Reasons to Schedule Maintenance with St. Charles Nissan Service

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Automotive

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Nissan owners know that they need reliable, routine maintenance services to keep their vehicles running well for many, many miles. While it’s true one could take their vehicle anywhere for service, there’s something to be said for having maintenance done by Nissan professionals. Read more below about the three top reasons to schedule maintenance with approved St. Charles Nissan service providers.

Quality Parts

When a vehicle needs to have parts replaced, it’s always best to get the repair parts straight from the source. Generic parts that cheaper repair services might install often seem like the better way to save money, but not always. Some parts should always be replaced using manufacturer parts.

Preserve the Vehicle’s Warranty

Many people purchase new and pre-owned Nissans that come with manufacturer warranties. A warranty gives vehicle owners peace of mind that if something disastrous happens within the warranty’s timeframe such as the engine failing or the transmission needing to be replaced that it will be fixed for no more than the warranty’s required deductible. Having one’s vehicle serviced at a repair shop that isn’t approved could void the warranty.

Preferred Service

Dealerships like to reward loyalty. They often offer faster service times, more available appointments at convenient times, and might even offer special discounts. Approved service providers also keep track of service records so vehicle owners have proof of service if they need to activate their warranty or when they go to sell the vehicle.

For more information about St. Charles Nissan’s service, contact Hawk Nissan of St. Charles.

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