3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Engine at a Pasadena Auto Body Shop

by | Dec 18, 2019 | Auto Parts

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Your automobile requires many parts working together to function properly. Unfortunately, it’s difficult for a vehicle to perform optimally with a problematic engine. Here are three important signs your vehicle needs an engine replacement.

Black Smoke Exits Your Vehicle’s Exhaust

When engines can’t combust fuel properly, it often causes lots of problems. If this happens, you might see black smoke coming from the back of your vehicle. Common causes of black exhaust smoke include damaged fuel injectors, air filters or a clogged fuel line. The appearance of black smoke isn’t only alarming but potentially dangerous for drivers behind you. To solve this problem, have your vehicle looked at by auto body professionals.

Your Check Engine Light is On

If something’s wrong with your vehicle, you’ll learn about it by paying attention to this car’s indicator lights. One of these lights indicates something is wrong with your car’s engine. With that said, engine problems can take place for a wide range of reasons. Contact us for used auto body parts in Pasadena TX to solve your vehicle’s engine-related problems.

Hearing Odd Noises While Driving

While driving, you should enjoy a relatively quiet experience. Unfortunately, drivers in vehicles with engine problems hear strange noises while they’re on the road. For instance, damaged pistons and bearings often make loud knocking noises while a vehicle is in operation.

In conclusion, there are several signs it’s time to get a new engine. If you’re looking for used auto body parts in Pasadena TX, contact us by visiting us online.

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