A Closer Look At The Jeep Gladiator

by | Mar 9, 2021 | Auto Dealer.

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The Gladiator holds a very special place for most Jeep lovers. This is the first model of a true Jeep truck since the first part of the 1990s. The rugged design and the iconic Jeep front and cabin combined with the cargo space and towing capacity of a pickup make this an exceptional vehicle for anyone in Wichita, KS, looking for something a bit different.

The newly designed and launched Jeep Gladiator in Wichita, KS keeps the more classic Gladiator lines, but also adds a bit more of a sporty look and feel. With 2020 as the initial launch year, there are limited changes to the 2021 models.

Trim Options

In traditional Jeep style, some of the trim options have familiar names, including the base Sport, Altitude, and the Rubicon. In addition, look for the Sport S, the Overland, Mojave, and the premium trim in the North Edition.

Different trim and package combinations are available at all levels. Both standard and automatic transmissions are available, with the option to add increased towing capacity and off-road ability with different packages.

For drivers in Wichita, KS, adding the Cold Weather package is a nice option for the winter. It provides a heated front seat and steering wheel, a definite benefit in the cold winter months.

Customizing the Vehicle

Different options in hard and soft-tops allow customization of the Jeep Gladiator in Wichita, KS. For those with an interest in off-roading in their Gladiator, add the skid plates and special axle ratios that allow for easy rock climbing and traversing up to 30 inches of water.

Towing with the Jeep Gladiator ranges from a top end capacity of 7650 and a low end of 4000 pounds. In addition, the bed of this truck can hold up to 1700 pounds, making it a top choice for anyone to consider.

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