Buying A Great Used Car On A Budget

by | Oct 10, 2017 | Automobile

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The depreciation on a new car begins as soon as it is sold. Buying a used car, even a one-year-old used Volvo in Palatine can result in some serious savings and because it is a Volvo, it will be as good as the day the original buyer took it home. To take full advantage of the opportunities that buying a used car instead of a new one means that you will have to do some serious research. There are a few tips that can help when you have your sights set on buying a used car.

Start with the down payment:

Something that you want to avoid is being “car poor.” Never forget, you have other obligations that must be met as well as your monthly car payment. Rent, food, entertainment, clothing, utilities, medical expenses and more all must be factored into your calculations. Look closely at your total finances, bear in mind that the more you put down on a used car the lower your monthly payment will be.

Look at your transportation needs:

This may seem a mute point on first glance but it is amazing just how many people buy a used Volvo in Palatine without giving thought to what they intend to do with the car. Develop a real list of what you need, not necessarily what you want; then add a list of things that would be nice but not essential. Between your budget and your expectations, you will be able to identify vehicles that warrant your attention.

Check the VIN:

Once you are on the dealer’s lot and you have chosen what you think is the perfect vehicle, check the cars history. The VIN (vehicle identification number) will lead you to information about the vehicle, you can quickly determine if the vehicle has been consistently maintained in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations or if there is a history of problems. The best dealers will provide this information as part of the buying process.

Although it is possible to buy a used Volvo in Palatine privately, you will be far better off buying from a Volvo dealer. The dealer knows the car and you can rest assured it has been checked and double checked before being offered to the public.

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