Custom Aluminum Radiators Available for Vehicles in Michigan

by | Jul 8, 2016 | Auto Parts & Accessories

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Radiators are subject to a lot of abuse over the years. Water, antifreeze, temperature extremes, all work to age a radiator until it is no longer useful. Rust and chemical corrosion are the chief causes for deterioration in the core. And inevitably, a replacement will be needed. One good alternative to standard steel radiators is an aluminum model.

Aluminum has proven itself an ideal material for vehicle components subject to high stress. Aluminum has greater thermal resistance and superior corrosion resistance to steel. When exposed to corrosives, aluminum chemically forms an impermeable oxide layer which effectively coats the surface of the metal. This patina prevents further degradation of the metal itself, resulting in a surface which is not prone to rust the way steel is. For these reasons, aluminum has been used in the manufacture of automobile engines which have been race-tested on the tracks at Indianapolis and Daytona. The other virtue of aluminum is that it is lighter in weight, and any reduction in the weight of a vehicle has a positive impact upon fuel efficiency, which is why aluminum is also used in many of the components forming a car or truck today.

Aluminum radiators are lighter, have superior thermal endurance, and are rust-resistant. So it makes perfect sense to consider an aluminum radiator when a replacement is necessary. Finding Custom Aluminum Radiators in Michigan is a matter of finding local machine shops specializing in coolant systems for a variety of industrial and automotive applications. These shops usually have in stock a wide range of radiators to fit any need, and can custom fabricate a unit on site if necessary. Simply name the vehicle or unit into which the replacement must be fitted, the parameters for expected performance, and the shop machinists can have a radiator ready to the customer’s exact specifications. Whether it’s a simple replacement for a long obsolete vehicle or a hi-performance radiator, the dealer will be able to satisfy any request same day and have the new radiator ready for installation.

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