Discover the Benefits of Custom Auto Tuning in Phoenix AZ

by | May 27, 2019 | Auto Repair

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Whether a car is used for recreation, transportation, or racing, people expect a vehicle to perform optimally at all times. When the car lags or doesn’t accelerate properly, it often means a tune-up is required to achieve optimum performance. Discover the benefits of custom auto tuning.

Maximum Horsepower

The use of double-rollers under each tire achieves the low inertia required to achieve the highest levels of sensitivity and accuracy. As a result, the system can detect the smallest changes in power. Custom Auto Tuning in Phoenix AZ ensures car owners can get the maximum engine horsepower.

Handle With Ease

When a car is custom-tuned, the driver instantly feels the difference in its overall performance. By measuring the horsepower and torque, mechanics can reproduce real-life driving conditions at various RPMs and speeds. As a result, the car handles well in a variety of driving situations people face each day.

Maintain Any Load

Beyond the driver, a vehicle handles other loads and must be ready to perform under these conditions. During the custom auto-tuning process, a professional will consider the power split between the rear and front wheels. The goal is to have precise control with any load from front to rear.

Multiple Monitoring

Custom tuning goes beyond the obvious the ensure the best performance on the road. Data provided includes torque, horsepower, boost, air and fuel, tractive effort, and exhaust gas temperature, Analyzing all this information is the first step toward improved performance.

Fast and Safe

Custom tuning doesn’t have to take a long time to perform and realize its many benefits. The quick set-up means there is little or no waiting time to deal with between care. The safe and easy process means total customer satisfaction without waiting all day to get measurable results that matter to the driver.

Take time right now to contact Dyno Vehicle Tuning and discuss the many advantages of scheduling custom auto-tuning. Learn more about the Dyno difference and why it matters to all types of car owners and drivers. Discover how custom auto-tuning can make a difference in the performance of any vehicle.

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