Essential and Optional Auto Gauge Repairs in Arizona

by | Sep 13, 2017 | Automotive

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Auto Gauge Repairs in Arizona can be done when one or more of the dashboard indicators in a vehicle quits working. Some of these indicators are more of a convenience than anything else, while others are essential.

Optimal Devices

A trip odometer, for instance, lets drivers know how far they have traveled during specific trips or time frames. However, this additional odometer is not required by law or for operating the vehicle safely and effectively.

For most cars, a tachometer is also unessential. The device can be helpful in a stick-shift vehicle, but even then, drivers are generally in tune enough with their ride that they don’t need a gauge to tell them when the motor is working too hard. Then again, drivers of high-performance cars often like to have a variety of these indicators, including oil pressure and transmission temperature.

Essential Indicators

In contrast, other gauges are crucial for operating the car or truck legally and for preventing breakdowns. Those that measure mileage and speed are obvious essential inclusions in a dashboard. Drivers want to know when their fuel is getting low and when their engine is starting to overheat. When any of these devices malfunction, prompt Auto Gauge Repairs in Arizona are important.

Intermittent Problems

Some gauge problems are intermittent. For example, contamination in a gas tank sensor can cause the fuel gauge to sometimes abruptly drop to the empty mark, staying there until the driver turns the car off and starts it up again. This problem can be resolved by technicians with a shop such as Dick’s Speed-O-Tach. It tends to happen more frequently once it starts, so scheduling the work as soon as possible is the best choice.

A speedometer cable can start bouncing up and down between a 5-mile or 10-mile variance and occasionally quit working altogether for several miles. This makes it impossible to know how fast the vehicle is traveling aside from an educated guess. In addition, when the speedometer doesn’t work, the odometer doesn’t either, and a functioning odometer is required by law because it tracks vehicle mileage. That accurate information is required at the time of future sale and purchase.

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