What To Expect When Taking A Vehicle To A Shop For Windshield Repair In Papillion NE

by | Nov 16, 2017 | Automotive

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The windshield of a vehicle provides a driver with an unobstructed view and protects them from any exterior items that may be in the air. Most windshields are made from tempered glass, which offers unparalleled durability, but blunt force can cause the windshield to become damaged. When small items, such as rocks, fly from the road and break the glass it should be taken in for Windshield Repair in Papillion NE, which is often much quicker and more affordable than a complete replacement.

Initial Cleaning

To begin the technician will first locate the damage and ensure that it is eligible for repair. Once they have examined the glass, they will then clean it thoroughly using an alcohol-based cleanser. This removes any dirt that may be present, allows the resin material for bonding with the glass and prevents debris from being trapped within the repaired area.

Resin Injection

Once the damaged area is dry, the next step is to inject the damaged spot with a transparent epoxy resin material. The substance will first be heated so that it is in a liquid state. The technician will then use a pressurized injector to fill the damaged area. The last step is to use a plastic scraping tool to remove any excess and smooth the epoxy before it has the opportunity to dry.


The last step of Windshield Repair in Papillion NE is to allow the epoxy to cure completely. Once it has set the technician will inspect the area to make sure that the chips and cracks are adequately filled and that there are no signs of excess resin. Once the windshield is examined, they will then clean the glass, and the vehicle will be ready to drive. Most repair appointments take around one hour to complete.

A broken windshield can be devastating, but fortunately, there are repair methods that can restore it in no time. The team at Dingman’s Collision Center offers complete auto body services, including on and off-site windshield repairs. Get more information by checking out their website, and take the first step in restoring a windshield as quickly as possible.

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