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by | Nov 22, 2017 | Automotive

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Are you one of the thousands thinking of adding a recreational vehicle to your life? Indeed, RVs are very popular as consumers want to get away from it all. Buying a RV is one way to have your cake and eat it too. No one has to rough it to go camping.

Different Classes Of Recreational Vehicle

Visit some of the RV dealers in Des Moines to comparison shop. First, RVs come in different classes. A Class A is a big vehicle that looks like a tour bus. Interestingly, they start at $75,000 and come with all the creature comforts.

This RV is 45 feet long and comes with a rear master suite. Further, a glass-enclosed shower is in a separate room. No doubt there is a washer and dryer and kitchen facilities. In addition, RV dealers in Des Moines inform consumers about more luxury features.

There Is A Downside

The major negative with Class A vehicles is the amount of fuel used. Be prepared to spend a pretty penny to keep the vehicle moving. Further, campers may have to tow a car to see the country. Many large RVs are not allowed in certain areas so it has to be parked.

Step Down A Level

Class C vehicles are the next level down. A cargo van is the driving part of the vehicle and a camper goes on top. These start around $60,000 and sleep six comfortably. There may be a small bathroom as well as sleeping facilities. Further, a Class C usually has a dining area.

Some of these RVs have rear bedrooms. Unfortunately, these models are notoriously hard to maneuver.

Class Bs are the smallest of the group and start at $50,000. This camper is basically a van with no cab-over facility. Experts say two people will fit comfortably but four individuals may feel like sardines. However, there are some major pluses.

There is no parking drama because Class Bs fit into a regular garage. In addition, fuel will not be a major expense. Finally, consumers should select an RV that fits their lifestyle and budget. For more information, visit Imperial RV Center.

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