Ford Dealer near Louisville, KY, Share Winter Car Preparation Tips

by | Oct 31, 2022 | Autos

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It’s still a few months before winter, but you can already see how the season will get the best of your car. Headlights will get slightly dimmer, you’ll hear squeaking noise from under the hood, your tires start deflating faster–you name it, it will probably happen. So you probably should think about getting your vehicle ready for the big chill. Never take winter in Kentucky lightly, especially if you’ll be driving on the black ice-covered road all season. A trusted Ford dealer near Louisville, KY has a few car-winterizing tips.

Take out the winter tires

How did your winter tires perform when you last used them? Do they still have enough tread to get through another winter? If they do, take them out and give them a good clean. Soon, you will need to change your car tires with them again. Winter tires will provide you with a fighting chance against black ice and puddles. However, remember that they can only do so much to keep your car safe. Safe driving remains your most dependable weapon against accidents.

It’s time to change your oil

Do you know why car batteries die quickly when temperatures drop? It’s not because their insides freeze up but because they are forced to work harder than usual. The culprit? The engine, of course. But it’s not entirely the engine’s fault. During winter, the motor oil in most engines thickens, causing engine components to move slower. So if your engine is already thick with particulates to begin with, expect to experience dead battery multiple times throughout winter. You may be better off changing it now.

Check your car’s heating system

This may be the last thing you’ll check since it doesn’t have a moving component that wears out quickly. However, don’t forget that your vehicle’s heating will depend on how well the car’s entire HVAC system performs. If something prevents the transfer of coolant heat into the cabin, it will be freezing cold inside your vehicle. So check all the parts of your heating and cooling system to make sure everything is working as it should.

Replace the wiper blades

Snow will cover your windshield almost every day during winter. With roads being slippery and thick fog blocking your view, you can’t afford to have a hazy windshield. When was the last time you bought a pair of wiper blades? They’re probably already worn out if you haven’t changed them all summer. They won’t serve you well in winter. A Ford dealer near Louisville, KY suggests that you buy new wiper blades to ensure you’ll have clear windshields all season.

Clean the cabin

Give your car a much-deserved cleaning before the snow starts to fall. Your goal is to eliminate as much dust, grime, and grease from inside the cabin as possible. It will be very uncomfortable to drive in a dirty car cabin. Besides, whenever you enter your car, you’ll create moisture around your body once you feel the warm cabin air. That moisture will make the dust on your car seats harder to remove.

After following all these tips, your car should be fine. But for best results, don’t hesitate to take your vehicle for a complete tune-up. Service center mechanics will do an excellent job inspecting and maintaining your car. Check out Jim O’neal Ford for more helpful tips.

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