Here Are Some of the Biggest Myths Surrounding Auto Insurance Coverage

by | Jul 31, 2020 | Auto Repair

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Auto insurance is confusing for many drivers. We’ve all heard stories about what people have been told by their insurers, and we’ve all seen plenty of misinformation on the internet. Many “facts” are simply not true, and we’ll discuss some of these myths below.

Car Color Affects Your Premium

This is one of the biggest myths in the insurance industry. At some point, people started believing that cars of certain colors were targeted more frequently by police, which raised insurance premiums for those cars. This is false, and the myth probably started because sports cars are usually painted certain colors. When you’re getting your car serviced at an auto paint shop in Glendale, AZ, remember that its color has nothing to do with the rate you pay.

New Cars Are Automatically Added

This is another common myth. Car insurers can’t predict the future, so you’ll have to tell them when you buy a new vehicle. In some areas, cars cannot be registered without coverage, but it’s your job to call the insurance company and get the car added to your policy.

Men Under 25 Always Pay More for Coverage

Here, we have a partial myth. Men under the age of 25 tend to take more chances behind the wheel, so their insurance rates are typically higher. However, individual drivers aren’t penalized for the actions of the group. If you have steady coverage and a clean driving record, you’ll pay less than someone who is your age but has a spotty record.

Minimum Coverage Will Be Enough

This myth isn’t just big, but costly. The state’s minimum insurance coverage only covers accidents; it doesn’t cover vandalism, theft, or acts of God. To be fully protected, consider buying full coverage (and be sure to read your policy carefully).

Though it’s easy to work with an auto paint shop in Glendale, AZ, certain insurance myths complicate the process for some. By learning the truths behind these misconceptions, you can get the repairs you need without paying too much. Visit to learn more or call Dynasty Collision to schedule service.

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