How to Buy a Car for Graduates: Top Five Tips from Kia Rio Rancho

by | Sep 2, 2021 | Autos

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Now that you’ve graduated, a whole new world has opened for you. Perhaps the next step in your journey is to get a car of your own. What are the most innovative ways to purchase a vehicle, especially after you’ve completed college? Check out some of these helpful tips from Kia Rio Rancho.

Lay out Your Options with Kia Rio Rancho

So you’ve decided to jump the gun and get a ride of your own. Ask yourself this: are you getting a new or a used vehicle? For recent grads, it is advisable to keep it lean and opt for used cars. Fortunately, there are tons of high-quality and well-maintained models. Getting a sedan or small SUV is also recommended over sporty-type rides or even full-sized SUVs, especially if this is your very first car.

Check Your Finances

As a rule of thumb, responsible consumers should maintain good credit scores, and this follows even for new graduates. If you’re planning to buy a new or used car, ensure that you are up to date on your credit card bills. See to it that you are paying your dues entirely and on time. In some cases, it is recommended to open a non-student bank account or a professional bank account, which can help get lower interest rates on loans.

Plan Ahead for the Future

Speaking of monthly payments, consider how much you’ll end up spending every month. After all, your paycheck shouldn’t go into vehicle-related payments alone. Ensure that you have enough buffer funds for other things you need, such as your rent, food, utilities, and others. Consider additional expenses such as gasoline, car repairs, and the like, too.

Think about how long you want to keep your car, and have an open mind about changing it after a few years. This way, you can maintain your ride, have it in good running condition, and possibly get a good deal should you consider trading it in for another model in the future.

Think about Insurance

When it comes to being a new car owner, perhaps one of the heavier expenses is insurance. Premiums tend to cost more if a driver is young or inexperienced than an experienced vehicle owner with a license for several years. Depending on the model of car that you will buy, the rates can also vary. Some ways you can get savings on insurance include a good driving record, choosing a simpler car model, and having a safe place to park your ride after you buy it.

Build a Relationship with Your Dealer

For a newbie in the vehicle-shopping realm, choosing a reliable car dealership serving your area would be wise. Having a trusted dealer will give you a wide array of options for the makes and models of new or used cars. Plus, you can get to pick the right vehicle that will suit your budget to a tee.

Now that you’ve explored some of the ins and outs of car buying for graduates, you can then make a more informed decision. Follow these, and you’ll be on the right track. Pretty soon, you’ll be saying hello to your sweet ride. Check out Fiesta Kia for more helpful tips.

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