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by | Mar 7, 2017 | Auto Repair

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There are many reasons to get auto body repair; you may have been in an accident, had a problem with hail or some other natural disaster, or just normal wear and tear from owning a car for a long time. You may be asking yourself, what does an auto body repairer do? The answer is, they do a lot of things. Here is some information for this line of work.

What Do They Do?

Auto body techs fix cars that are damaged, usually after a car accident. There are many tools used to cut off the old and damaged parts so that they can replace them and make the cars look brand new. They also fill holes and repair scratches and dents. They generally work directly with the customers that come into the repair shops, meaning they have to have decent customer service as well as be able to explain the more complex concepts of their jobs in a way that the average person can understand. They are also good at estimating cost for the client, as well as creating the bills when the work is done.

Training Requirements

You can become a repair technician without training and learn on the job, however for most auto body repair shops, it will look better on your application if you get training in repair from a technical school or community college. You can find many programs that will teach electronics, physics, math and hands-on work over the course of 6 months to 2 years. Ongoing education once hired is key, as the industry is always changing, including standards and practices while repairing. Although certification is new required, it is becoming more important to employers and will give you a better shot at getting a good job.

Whether or not you have training and certification, there are some required skills to be a successful auto body tech. Critical thinking is important for assessing how to make repairs as well as the cost, customer service is a requirement to talk to the owner of the car and attention to detail will help with restoring the look of the car. Dexterity also helps to work with small parts, and technical skills are helpful with the large variety of tools used.

Your auto body repair person probably spent a lot of time getting good at their job, so be sure to appreciate the work they have done on your car to make it look like new. Repair work is an important career that helps a lot of people. For more information, please visit us.

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