Lincoln Car Dealers Share Back-to-School Car Care Tips for Motorists

by | Sep 22, 2022 | Autos

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It’s that time of year again when your teens must be away for a while, and the little ones need a ride twice a day. Another school year is starting, and you don’t want to kick it off with a surprise car breakdown. So you need that vehicle cranked up and ready for the daily beating. Lincoln car dealers share a few maintenance tips for motorists like you.

Dust, Wash, and Wax

You probably spent all summer going places and enjoying yourselves. That’s fine. You and your family earned it. But it also means your vehicle may have accumulated dirt and clutter. You don’t want to drive your car around town in that state, so clean up the exterior and the cabin. Throw out all garbage, vacuum the seats, wipe off oils and grease from the dashboard, and wash the floor mats. In addition, consider waxing your car’s exterior to protect it against scratches and sun damage.

Check the Coolant’s State

If you’ve ever experienced breaking down because your engine overheated, insufficient or leaking coolant from the radiator might be the culprit. First, check if your radiator has enough coolant. Make sure the radiator has cooled down before you reach under the hood because it can be scalding. Most of today’s radiators have a transparent reservoir, so you can quickly see how much coolant is inside. Top it up if there’s not enough coolant, but check for contaminants or discoloration first. If the coolant’s color doesn’t seem right, replace all of it.

Tire Check and Switch-Around

Check your tires for wear and tear. The tread should be deep enough to hold a penny. If the penny no longer sticks, your tires are heavily worn down, and you need new ones. Putting this off only increases the risk of a blowout, which could endanger yours and your passengers’ lives. If the wear and tear seem uneven, rotate the tires to use the other part of the tires with less wear.

Engine Oil and Belts

Like the coolant, engine oil is essential to your vehicle’s overall function. It serves as a lubricant that becomes thicker and less efficient over time. Lincoln dealerships recommend changing the engine oil every 3,000 miles. It will most likely take three months to reach this mileage if you use your car every day. Check the belts, too, for damage. Worn-down belts may affect the pistons’ performance, reducing your speed while burning the same amount of fuel.

Teach Your Kids Car Care Basics

If it’s your kid’s vehicle you’re maintaining, just assist and let them do most of the work. They need to learn car maintenance basics to last the school year with a fully functioning vehicle. Teach them what to look for when checking under the hood or on the car’s underside. Teach them how to fix simple issues and when to take the vehicle to a service center.

Car care is part of the job you signed up for when you purchased the vehicle. You automatically pass on that job to your children when you give them that vehicle or buy them a new one. Learning car care basics together makes a superb back-to-school experience. Check out Baldwin Lincoln car dealer in New Orleans, LA area for more helpful tips.

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