Reasons Why Heavy Truck Towing in Santee Sometimes Becomes Necessary

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Towing Service

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Towing with a professional service is always safer than trying to haul a vehicle with a strap or chain, or even with a tow dolly hooked to a pickup truck. When a semi cab or other heavy truck needs to be hauled out of a ditch or transported for repairs, professional service for Truck Towing in Santee is essential for safety reasons.

In other parts of the country, towing services tend to be busiest in the winter, when snow and icy conditions can cause drivers to lose control when traveling too fast for conditions or trying to maneuver in exceptionally bad weather. That’s not a concern in southern California, but heavy truck towing in Santee still sometimes becomes necessary.

Driver and Vehicle Problems

The driver may be trying to avoid causing an accident with other trucks or passenger vehicles, for example, leading to a jackknife situation. Trucks may tip over in roundabout intersections if the driver travels too fast. Worn tires may blow and brakes may fail if the vehicles are not well-maintained. Exceptionally heavy loads also can cause tire blowouts.

In fact, a federal government study of heavy truck accidents determined that brake issues were the single most frequent cause of these incidents. Driving too fast for conditions, problems with the road and driver fatigue were other common reasons for accidents.

Wildlife in the Road

In addition, heavy truck drivers are trained not to brake sharply or swerve to avoid wildlife, but the automatic reaction may lead to losing control and running off the road. Especially if the person has been behind the wheel for many hours and is feeling a bit zoned out, it’s easy to forget this isn’t the family passenger car when a deer leaps into the road.

Getting Assistance

The sheer size and weight of these vehicles means that a service such as USA Towing & Recovery is essential for getting the trucks upright, getting them back on the road, or bringing them to a repair facility. It’s smart to decide on a company to call before the need arises. Visit to learn more about this particular organization. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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