Knowing When It’s Time for New Pads for Car Brakes in Carmel, IN

by | Jan 12, 2018 | Auto Repair

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Hearing noises when pushing down on the brake pedal may mean it’s time to get new brake pads. The typical signal is a squealing or squeaking noise that gets worse over time. Garages that repair Car Brakes in Carmel IN can replace worn pads and inspect the entire system.

Temporary Noises

Sometimes, when a driver exits a car wash and presses the pedal down, there’s a momentary weird sound as the brakes recover from the underbody flush. Brakes also can make noises briefly if the vehicle has been sitting for several days in wet or humid weather. Those sounds should disappear quickly, though.

Don’t Delay

It’s important not to delay very long when squealing sounds develop. By the time a grinding noise occurs when stepping the brakes, the pads are worn so badly that other parts of the brake system could become damaged. If damage has already happened, rotors may need to be machined or replaced entirely. Addressing problems with Car Brakes in Carmel IN early is one of the best preventive maintenance tasks.

Brake Pad Materials

Technicians with a garage such as Pete’s Service Center install the best kinds of brake pads for each vehicle, taking into consideration the climate of the region. A wide variety of pads are available in a correspondingly wide price range. They are manufactured in different materials and different combinations of materials to provide specific benefits.

For instance, many people debate online on automobile forums about whether ceramic pads are the best or whether semi-metallic are just as good for normal use. Ceramic is claimed to be the best material for hot climates and may also perform better if the driver must do a lot of braking on steep hills. However, ceramic pads may not be as effective during cold weather, which is more of a consideration in Indiana. Ceramic pads also cost more, which may be an important aspect of the vehicle owner’s choice.

Concluding Thoughts

It’s a good idea to have the brakes inspected when bringing the car in for a tire rotation. Not all brake systems make any noticeable noise when they start to deteriorate.

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