Signs it’s Time for Oil & Lube Service in Jefferson City, MO

by | Mar 20, 2018 | Auto Repair

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Oil changes are an essential element of vehicle maintenance, yet it’s surprising how many vehicle owners allow their cars to go without an oil change for far longer than manufacturers recommend. Even those who are relying on mileage alone to determine when their oil needs to be changed sometimes find that their vehicles end up suffering as a result. Instead of waiting until the last minute, keep an eye out for the following warning signs that it’s time to take vehicles in for Oil & Lube Service in Jefferson City MO and schedule an appointment with a mechanic as soon as possible.

Dark or Dirty Oil

Clean, new oil should be an amber color. As the fluid circulates through the engine, it will begin to pick up dust and dirt, leading it to adopt a darker color. It’s a good idea for vehicle owners to check the condition of their oil each month by removing their dipsticks, wiping them off, and removing them again. If the vehicle owner can no longer see the stick through thick, dark oil, it’s time to have it changed.

Louder Engine Noises

Clean oil protects engines by providing a thin barrier between metal parts, helping to keep them running smoothly and quietly. As the oil begins to break down, though, it stops providing lubrication, leading to louder engine noises. Eventually, engines will begin to emit loud knocking and rumbling sounds. If this is already starting to occur, it’s well past time to schedule Oil & Lube Service in Jefferson City MO.

Illuminated Check Engine or Check Oil Light

Some vehicles have a dedicated oil change light on their dashboards, while others simply turn the check engine light on when the oil level is beginning to get low. If either of these lights become illuminated, check the oil immediately. If it’s low it can lead to engine damage due to lack of fluid, so it’s best to head to a mechanic immediately.

Other Serious Symptoms

If smoke is coming from the vehicle’s tailpipe, or there is a noticeable oil smell inside the cabin when the vehicle is in operation, there might be a serious underlying problem occurring. Visit the website and schedule an appointment immediately to have the oil changed and get the engine evaluated by a professional.

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