Tempered and Laminated Auto Window Glass Replacement in Jefferson City MO

by | Dec 14, 2017 | Auto Repair

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Professional Auto Window Glass Replacement in Jefferson City MO is necessary when any of the vehicle’s windows become cracked or broken. Cracks in the windshield that don’t interfere with the driver’s vision may be left for a while, but they tend to spread. When windows break elsewhere in the car, it’s possible to cover the space with plastic and drive around that way for a limited time, but there’s no way to keep the interior secure. There is also a risk of debris or a flying object coming through the plastic; it would have been stopped by glass.

Tempered Glass

Wide and rear windows in a vehicle are nearly always made of tempered glass. This material is much stronger than regular glass because of the manufacturing process. It also breaks into small pellets instead of into sharp shards when it does become seriously damaged. This is the type of material people are usually referring to when they mention safety glass.

Laminated Glass

If a side window was broken, especially by a burglar or through vandalism, vehicle owners who are concerned about future issues might want to have the window replaced with a laminated model. This can be done for Auto Window Glass Replacement in Jefferson City MO in all windows if the owner wants to spend the money on upgrading. Laminated glass in windshields prevents shattering, and several cars now come standard with this glass in the front side windows too.

Although tempered glass is very strong, it can still break into pieces if struck hard enough. Laminated glass has plastic sheeting between two glass panes, with all the material adhered together. A great deal of force is required to bust through this kind of glass, and even then, a hopeful thief would still only manage a hole where the tool broke through.

Window Replacement

Windshields sometimes break in this manner if they are hit by a flying projectile at high speed, such as a tree branch hurled by winds or a golf ball that went awry. Any type of car window replacement can be scheduled with a service such as Dents Unlimited. Information on this particular organization can be seen at the website

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