The Importance of Using A Dealership Auto Repair Shop

by | Jun 29, 2021 | Car Dealer

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Car buyers in and around Philadelphia typically utilize the dealership auto repair shop during the complimentary maintenance program offered by most auto manufacturers. This may be a period of one to five years, and it includes everything from tire rotation to oil changes and beyond.

After this period, it is not uncommon for owners to turn to local mechanics and garages for regular oil changes, vehicle check-ups, and minor and major repairs. While this may be a cost-saving option, for those with imports, luxury, or performance vehicles, the small reduction in price can result in significant additional costs.

Necessary Tools and Equipment

Most luxury, performance, and imported vehicles require special tools and equipment to both maintain and repair the vehicles. While a local garage may be able to work on the car using equipment on hand, the repair is not always done to the manufacturer’s specifications.
Choosing the dealership auto repair shop Philadelphia center ensures the mechanics have the tools, equipment, and the training specific to your vehicle’s needs.

Parts Availability

Many local auto repair shops do not use OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts. Instead, they use cheaper aftermarket parts that are readily available through part suppliers.

These aftermarket parts may not have the precision fit of OEM parts, leading to early wear and tear, the risk of additional mechanical problems, or the need for more costly repairs.

There are qualified auto service centers at dealerships throughout Philadelphia. Taking the time to have your vehicle maintained and repaired at these locations adds to the quality of the service.

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