The Land Rover: One Parent; Three Families

by | Aug 29, 2022 | Car Dealership

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Shopping for a Land Rover in Philadelphia can be confusing. Google it and you will find it closely allied with Range Rover. However, the two are not identical.

The Two Rovers

Land and Range Rover are not interchangeable names. Land Rovers, first manufactured in 1948 is the brand name. Range Rover is a specific model of the Land Rover brand thus, the two names are written: “Land Rover Range Rover.”

To further complicate the matter, the Range Rover has also produced its own family. This makes these models a subcategory of the Land Rover Family. The family consists of four models:

• Range Rover
• Range Rover Sport
• Range Rover Velar
• Range Rover Evoque

You could identify the sports model as Land Rover Range Rover Sport or even Land Rover Range Rover Range Rover Sport.

Other “Offspring”

The Land Rover brand has grown since being introduced in 1948. It now consists of three families of vehicles. These are:

1. Range Rover: Consisting of the four members listed above
2. Defender: The Land Rover Defender family is deeply rooted in the original Land Rover’s past. The US Defender 90 was replaced in 1997 but revived in 2020.
3. Discovery: This comprises the Land Rover Discovery and the Land Rover Discovery Sport

Summing Up

Land Rovers is the name applied to a family of vehicles consisting of different models – each with its own family. While all may have a different name, all fall under the Land Rover brand. All are available for purchase in Philadelphia.

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