Tips for Buying a Used Kia Sorento

by | Sep 30, 2016 | Automobile

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The Kia Sorento is a great vehicle to have in Wayne, New Jersey. It boasts of an extended warranty period, easy to operate controls, offer value for money. The Kia Sorento performed well with top crash-test scores; leaving no doubts on the safety feature of the car. The price tag may be too steep for first-time car buyers, which leave the option of a used Kia Sorento. Look out for the following problems with a used Kia Sorento in Wayne, NJ.

  • The underbody due to off-road driving may contain alien substances. Check for sand and salt that may lead to the acceleration of rust.
  • The automatic version of the Kia Sorento should have smooth transmission changes and take a short period to engage in Drive and Reverse when shifting from Park or Neutral.
  • Kia designed the Sorento’s engine to start quickly in a matter of seconds after hitting the starter button. An overhaul in the gearbox of the manual transmission Kia Sorento will cause a crunch in fast gear down changes.
  • Inspect the vehicle for scratches on the body of the Kia Sorento and dents on bumper corners. The inspection will save on replacement and repainting costs.
  • The interior of the cabin is as vital as the exterior to be in good condition. Check for damages caused by pets, children and items boxed in the rear seats. The general cleanliness should count as well.
  • Check for custom jobs that not done by the manufacturer, which could alter the transmission, fuel economy, handling, steering, and the general cruise of the ride.

Many of the sport utility vehicles cannot handle the great outdoors and ride off-road just like the highway with ease. The Kia Sorento will provide for a great ride given the versatility of the terrain in Wayne, New Jersey. Search the internet for dealerships for the price of a new or used Kia Sorento in Wayne, NJ and schedule for a test drive.

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