Air Brake Parts Provide Safety And Efficiency To Commercial Trucks

by | Sep 28, 2016 | Automobile

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Unlike standard autos, trucks rely on air brakes instead of a hydraulic braking system. Air Brake Parts provide a safe, effective way to semis and other large rigs to stop in traffic or slow down around curves. While having reliable brakes is essential in any vehicle, it’s especially important for semis because of their size and ability to cause a great deal of damage. With hydraulic brakes, trucks can lose stopping power when a leak occurs, but when seepage happens in an air brake line, the truck’s brakes are automatically activated.

  • Air Brakes Are Cost Effective

Although an air brake system can initially be more expensive than hydraulic brakes, it is more cost effective to operate long term. The higher cost can be attributed to all the extra components needed for air brakes to function properly. However, replacing parts is a simpler task, and air brakes don’t contain any fluid that has to be drained from the line.

Another benefit of air brakes is that air is readily available for free. While this may not have a significant impact on cars, the amount of braking fluid needed to operate a semi would be very costly.

Routine Maintenance Tips for Air Brakes

Though all trucks will eventually require replacement air brake parts, routine maintenance can help extend the life of the system and increase overall safety.

The slack adjusters in an air brake system tend to get overlooked if they are not used frequently. Both manual and automatic slack adjusters need to be greased periodically for optimum performance. If they are not properly lubed, they can freeze up and eventually result in brake failure for a truck.

The air compression pressure gauge should be frequently inspected. An average reading is usually between 100 to 125 psi. If the psi level drops below 60, the vehicle is unsafe to operate. Trucks experiencing application pressure problems will need to have their brakes checked by an experienced mechanic.

Scams are an important component of an air brake system. They help move the brake shoe to the drum to bring the vehicle to a stop. For S cams to function correctly, they need to be greased regularly.

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