What Happens to a Vehicle Brought to a Chicago Junk Car Salvage Yard?

by | Apr 16, 2020 | Automotive

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What happens to a vehicle brought to a Chicago junk car salvage yard? That depends on several factors. Examples include the specific business the automobile was sold to, the make and model of the car, and the condition of this vehicle.

Vehicles Kept on the Lot

Some automobiles are worth more than others for parts at a Chicago junk car salvage yard. Various components are in demand because many people still own these older cars and are searching for used parts in good condition. The junkyard owner may keep a large number of salvage vehicles on the lot to pull components from when orders come in.

In contrast, some cars, SUVs and pickup trucks go straight to the car crusher after a few select parts are removed and all the fluids drained. If the engine blocks are made of cast iron, that part is removed because the compactor cannot crush it flat.


Tires are always taken off. Those that are too worn to resell are destined for a rubber recycling lot. Much of that rubber will be used to manufacture new tires.

Scrap Metal

The rest of the car is sold for its scrap metal value after crushing. Steel and aluminum have a broad range of uses and are in demand by many product manufacturers. This metal can be used to manufacture products ranging from cans to new cars.

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