When Getting the Best Window Tinting Services in Jennings, LA Make Sure You Stay Legal

by | Jul 18, 2016 | Automotive

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One of the most proactive things a person could do to protect himself or herself and passengers while driving is to keep the harmful rays from the sun’s ultraviolet light out of the vehicle. This is achieved by window tinting. People have been getting window tinting a long time, although there are laws about how dark the windows can be on a vehicle. There is a car and truck accessories business that offers one of the Best Window Tinting Services in Jennings LA. The business owner provides information that may be useful about window tinting.

The State of Louisiana put into place laws regulating window tinting in 1993. These laws vary for sedans and SUVs. For the windshields in the sedans and SUVs, a non-reflective tint is allowed above the manufacturer’s AS- line. The same also applies to the front side windows for both; that is, the tint level must allow for more than 40 percent of light to come in. For the back side windows in sedans, there must be more than 25 percent of light coming in. For SUVs, there is no significant ban on the tint level. The rear window must have more than 12 percent light coming in for sedans, and again, no ban on SUVs.

There are other laws that Louisiana has in regards to the tinting of windows. As long as the user subscribes to these laws, he or she should have no problems. People get their windows tinted because they want to make their car or SUV look “super cool.” Unfortunately, some drug dealers have relied on tinted windows to hide their faces from law enforcement officials. However, the tinting laws have taken care of that.

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