Why Exactly is an Oil Change in Tulsa Necessary on a Routine Basis?

by | Jul 19, 2016 | Tires

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To understand why vehicles need a change of oil and filter every so often, it’s important to learn how dirty oil and clogged filters cause problems for the engine. With a routine Oil Change, Tulsa vehicle owners know they are doing something that’s very beneficial for the engine at an extremely low cost. That service extends the longevity of the motor and helps owners avoid expensive repairs in the future. Never having the oil changed can lead to catastrophic engine failure much earlier than would ever have been expected otherwise.

Clean oil is free of contaminants and thus moves more freely through the engine. That action helps lubricate the moving parts and keep them reasonably cool. Dirty oil is not as lubricating, and it also results in higher engine heat. The contaminants cause more friction because of minute amounts of grit. Without sufficient lubrication, moving parts experience extra wear due to friction and may eventually break. Automotive oil products also experience a chemical breakdown over time because of normal engine heat and the gradual wearing out of protective additives. This is why Oil Change in Tulsa automotive technicians strongly encourage vehicle owners to bring their cars and pickup trucks in as recommended by the manufacturer.

The oil filter is intended to remove contaminants, but it can only do so much as it continues to grab and hold those particles. Eventually, the filter becomes less effective. If it becomes clogged, the oil moves through a relief valve. The oil becomes noticeably darker. Vehicle owners can follow the guidelines for oil change service in the owner’s manual, but they also might like to occasionally check the oil between servicing. That gets them familiar with how the oil should look and its appearance as it becomes dirty. They’ll also learn whether the engine has started to leak or burn oil if the oil level drops between appointments. A shop such as Tate Boys Tire & Service can help if that type of problem ever develops. In addition to performing routine vehicle maintenance, their technicians conduct diagnostic tests and provide skilled repair work. Automobile owners may visit website to learn more.

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