Windshield Repairs in Richmond, VA Happen Frequently in the Winter

by | Feb 23, 2018 | Automotive

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If you see a small yet telltale crack forming across your windshield, you need to have your windshield fixed immediately. Do not wait until the crack spans across the glass, as doing so can affect your level of safety and the total cost of repairs.

Chips on Windshields Can Take Several Forms

When making windshield repairs in Richmond, VA, technicians state that minor windshield damages usually take one of two forms – cracks or chips. A chip normally forms when a piece of debris or rock hits the windshield. The impact may be represented by a star break, where cracks emerge from the center, or may take on a semi bulls-eye or bulls-eye appearance. A crack chip is a chip that is typically under an inch in size. A chip may also take the form of a gouge or pit.

When windshield repairs for cracks are made, the cracks may span from an inch long up to the length of the entire windshield. They usually form a wavy line or run straight across the glass. Whether you need to have your windshield replaced or repaired depends on the following:

The size of the chip or crack. Usually, chips that are smaller than the size of a quarter and cracks that are up to three inches in size can be repaired. The size of the crack or chip may vary, depending on the spot in which it appears.

The depth of the demarcation. If the crack or chip is too deep, the glass will have to be replaced.

The location of the crack or chip. If the damage extends to the perimeter of the glass, the structural integrity may have been compromised. Therefore, windshield repairs cannot be made if a crack or chip is located near a windshield’s edge.

It is also a good idea not to make a repair to a crack or chip that is in the driver’s line of vision. A repair may cause some level of distortion, which can impair the driver’s ability to see clearly. A replacement is a better option in such situations.

Who to Call about Getting Your Glass Fixed

Cracks and chips often appear during the wintertime. If you need a repair or installation made, contact a company such as Bruce’s Super Body Shops. Address the problem right away and play it safe on the roadway.

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