Can You Trust A Used Car Dealership For Evergreen Park Illinois?

by | Aug 23, 2016 | Automotive

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There are many jokes about the less than honest practices of some secondhand automobile salespeople. However, by and large those employed by the likes of a Used Car Dealership For Evergreen Park are not only knowledgeable about the vehicles they are selling but they are also extremely careful not to misrepresent the condition of any automobile on their inventory. These businesses are professionally run and well aware that selling a “clunker” can lead to a severe drop in their reputation around the neighborhood.

It Is Big Business

For every new automobile sold in the United States, more than two secondhand autos are purchased giving the pre-owned vehicle business a value of about $370 billion each year. Surprisingly, there is little regulatory control over a business of such size. However, there is a clear cut rule when it comes to new vehicle sales. Most States control new automobile sales through franchise laws. These require the auto makers to sell through their licensed, independently owned distributorships.

Manufacturer Authorized Dealer

Because accepting trade in vehicles is part and parcel of the motor trade, an authorized dealer is going to have to dispose of pre-owned vehicles. These can be auctioned off privately or, more often than not, placed on the dealer’s lot and sold by them as pre-owned. Should it become known that a particular dealer is using dubious practices to sell their secondhand models, they will be running the risk of having their authorization to sell new vehicles revoked. This can provide quite good protection for consumers buying pre-owned vehicles from them.

Partly to promote sales and partly to inspire customer confidence, a Used Car Dealership For Evergreen Park will offer certified pre-owned vehicles specially chosen for their good condition and sold under a warranty. Many drivers consider this to be better than buying a brand new vehicle even if it means going nearly 100miles away from their home base.

The large inventory of certified pre-owned vehicles (of any make) at Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn makes them an ideal choice as a Used Car Dealership For Evergreen Park. Visit Hawk Ford of Oak Lawn for further details.

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