Quality Brake Repair in Lansing MI for Safe Driving

by | Aug 24, 2016 | Automotive

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Maintaining a car’s brakes is essential for safety and overall vehicle performance. A car that doesn’t stop properly can increase the risk of potential accidents. While a vehicle may not initially exhibit signs of delayed stopping, knowing the early warning signals of faulty brakes can prevent further damage and excessive repairs. Promptly scheduling an appointment for Brake Repair in Lansing MI can keep a car functioning properly and avoid unnecessary injury to passengers and other vehicles.

Monitor Brakes for Signs of Damage

Listening for new or unusual brake sounds can help identify problems as soon as they occur. If brakes that are normally quiet begin to squeak, it’s time to have them inspected. While there may not be a change in brake performance, the noise is usually an indicator that a car needs repair.

As brake pads wear down, they usually begin to make a high-pitched noise. This occurs when the protective pad layer becomes too thin. The end result is unwanted friction from metal parts rubbing together. If not repaired, the excessive heat from friction can cause additional damage to a car.

Cars that experience a pulsating vibration when stopping may be suffering from a warped brake rotor. Rotors that aren’t flat and smooth can affect a car’s ability to properly brake. Brakes that pulsate generally need to be inspected for damage. Unless coming to a sudden stop in a vehicle with anti-lock brakes, pulsating should not occur when slowing down or stopping.

Routine Brake and Rotor Maintenance

The key to a safe car is recognizing problems before they become a major issue. Both brake pads and rotors need to routinely be replaced for optimal performance. Though replacement times can vary regarding individual use and driving patterns, many brake pads need to be replaced every 15,000 to 25,000 miles.

Today’s vehicles feature high-performance rotors that have increased stopping power. Though this results in a faster stop, it also involves operating at higher temperatures. This means the rotors need to be changed more frequently than in the past. While companies offering Brake Repair in Lansing MI may recommend changing the rotors along with every brake pad exchange, some rotors can last for up to 70,000 miles.

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