What to Check before Buying Used Trucks in Columbia SC

Buying used trucks in Columbia SC can be a tricky venture. You never really know what you’re getting unless you are a mechanic and even then, problems can slip by. Even if you are not a qualified mechanic some of these tricks can help you buy a used truck in good condition.

Check the Body Thoroughly

It is advisable to check used trucks in Columbia, SC, in sufficient daylight as artificial lighting can be deceptive. Check all the doors and panels for any issues with the joints. See to it that there is no rust. A raised spot on the roof indicates rust under it.

Also go round the truck to look for uneven or discolored finishing. A magnet can be used to verify if the truck is totally made out of metal.

Start the Engine

An idle truck often takes more time to start. But by the sounds produced when you start it, you can identify if the condition of important and expensive parts such as the crankshaft and connecting-rod bearing is good or bad.

There are fuel-injected engines and carbureted engines. If you are not confident about the engine, you should get it checked by a mechanic.

Drive it for a Few Minutes

Many clues about the condition of used trucks in Columbia, SC, can be identified only when you travel a little distance. A good 10 mile ride would tell you a lot about the used truck. Try to park and restart. Make sure the truck does not have trouble starting the second time.

Try some panic braking and bounce the front end of the truck. It helps to check the brake system and the shock-resistance capacity. They are important especially if the truck is to be used for carrying loads. There should be no rattling or grinding sounds coming from the vehicle.

Body, engine, pick up, start and stop are the main components that have to be intact. They may be costly if ignored while buying used trucks in Columbia, SC.

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