The Different Kinds of Industrial Equipment Radiators in Ohio

by | Apr 11, 2017 | Automotive

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There are several different kinds of industrial equipment radiators due to the many different kinds of industries. The machines that run your business tend to produce incredible amounts of heat. Such heat needs to be redirected away from the machines and safely cooled. There are many different ways to do so, and it depends on the business itself as to which ones are most applicable.

Open-Finned Radiators

As the name implies, open-finned radiators have exposed cooling agents. They are great for applications that need to be cooled rapidly. Since it is not a completely enclosed operation, an open-finned radiator can rapidly expel heat into the atmosphere. Such machines are some of the most common industrial equipment radiators in Ohio.

Open-finned radiators are preferable for some businesses since they are also lightweight. They have less internal machinery which causes a decrease in overall weight. Such a factor is enhanced if you use a lightweight metal such as copper or aluminum for your Ohio industrial equipment radiators.

Custom Radiators

More important than the type of radiator is making sure that your industrial equipment radiators are built specifically for you. When you are running an agricultural or industrial business, you will have specific needs. In some cases, you simply need to expel heat. In other cases, you need to use that heat to actually warm up a barn or some other large area. If your radiator is designed for your specific environment, it can be built to your exact specifications.

A specially-designed radiator will fit with your environmental needs as well as your spatial needs. For some big industrial projects, the radiators themselves can be enormous. If you don’t have space for one, you will need to have a custom system built to scale down the size of the radiator while still getting the optimal performance.

Finding the right radiator is sometimes difficult, but getting a custom radiator can make the process much easier.

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