What Do You Need In Lease Fleet Vehicles?

by | Apr 21, 2017 | Car Fleet Leasing

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When making a selection of lease fleet vehicles, fleet managers have a lot of different issues to consider. This is particularly true when the company’s vehicle requirements are diverse and may range from short or long-haul delivery vehicles to sales rep vehicles and executive luxury cars.

Determining the best types of vehicles should be a strategic decision and not based on emotions. By making the choice of lease fleet vehicle options to add to any part of your fleet by comparing different aspects on the category or type of vehicles on the market, you can help to reduce the cost of operation.It is also possible to find cars or trucks that will boost fuel economy and even provide better quality vehicles for your drivers.

Typical Rotation

Different types of vehicles in the fleet will have different rotation times in and out of service. For some types of vehicles such as sales rep vehicles or trucks, rotation out of duty for a lease vehicle is typically based on mileage. As these are usually a lease fleet vehicle that is driven frequently, higher mileage means more wear and tear on the vehicle and higher risk of more costly repairs or breakdowns past a certain point.

On the other hand, executive cars tend to cycled out of the rotate based on age. Some companies will replace the vehicle every so many years, typically with newer models as a perk to these upper positions.

Fuel Efficiency and “Green” Policies

More companies are looking for “green” options in vehicles as part of their corporate image. This could include hybrid or electric vehicles or alternative types of fuels, even for their larger trucks and equipment.

If this is a concern for your business, it will be important to choose lease fleet vehicle that matches this need. As these are often newer vehicles on the market, working with a leasing company to help evaluate the performance and cost-effectiveness of each of these types of vehicles can save you time, energy and hours of searching and reading.

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