Don’t Ignore the Need for Break Repairs in Lansing, MI

by | Apr 25, 2017 | Auto Repair

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Even those people that have little knowledge about auto repair understand how important the braking system is in their vehicle. The last thing a person will want to do is drive a vehicle that has a braking system that may not have the ability to stop the car. Unfortunately, when a person neglects regular maintenance or necessary Brake Repairs in Lansing MI, that is precisely what could happen.

Perhaps one of the most important things a person can do is to have the system inspected periodically. Often times, when a person takes their vehicle in for an oil change, especially if this oil change includes tire rotation, the repair facility will visually inspect the brake system. This inspection can make a car owner aware of a situation where the brake pads need to be replaced. This inspection can also uncover issues with brake lines, rotors or calipers.

If a potential brake problem has been spotted because of an inspection, or perhaps the braking power of your vehicle has been significantly diminished over time, Break Repairs in Lansing MI will need to be performed as quickly as possible. The type of service needed can be quite varied.

Sometimes, it will be simply replacing old brake pads. In other instances, brake rotors may have been damaged because of driving too long with worn-out brake pads. This may mean replacing the rotor as well. If the braking system won’t engage or won’t disengage, the problem could be with the brake calipers or the master cylinder. Whatever the repairs may be, it’s important to have an expert inspect the problem to determine the best way to get the braking system up and running again.

Nobody wants to think about the possibility of getting into an accident because they neglected the service or the repairs that the braking system requires. However, these things happen all the time. If you haven’t had your brake system inspected, or perhaps you know of an issue that hasn’t been taken care of properly, taking your vehicle into Liskey’s Auto & Truck Service and having the brake system inspected and repaired is something you should do a soon as possible.

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