Tips For Finding Top Philadelphia Car Dealerships

by | Nov 6, 2019 | Car Dealer

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In a large city like Philadelphia, there are many different car dealerships. This is not only across the various makes of vehicles, but also different dealerships offer a specific brand of vehicle.

For those new to vehicle purchases, including new, pre-owned, and certified pre-owned vehicles, shopping around for a dealer in the Philadelphia area is just as important as doing your research on the type of car you want to drive. Not all car dealerships are the same, and the differences can be significant in the quality of service and support you receive throughout the purchase and into the future.

Shop the Established Dealers

While some of the newer dealerships in the area may offer a range of small incentives to bring in customers, they also lack experience in managing the entire sales and service process. Shopping with a dealership with a positive reputation ensures you are dealing with experienced sales and service professionals.

Buy From Specialized Dealers

One of the trends in some types of car dealerships is to have multiple makes of vehicles on the same lot. While this does offer the option to compare vehicles easily, it also means the sales staff are not necessarily highly experienced with all cars on the lot. By choosing a dealership offering a single make, you can ask questions and be assured of the quality of the answer.

Brand-specific types of car dealerships are able to provide the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance and warranty work and to provide the service and parts needed throughout the life of the vehicle.

Check Features, Promotions, and Perks

Always take the time to compare dealership perks, promotions, and offers. While you may still work with a specific dealership, knowing what other dealers are offering can help you to negotiate the best price on a new, used or certified pre-owned vehicle.

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