3 Simple Ways To Maintain Fuel Injector Performance In Bloomington IL

by | Dec 13, 2019 | Automobile

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Every fuel injector system will suffer a performance drop when they aren’t regularly maintained. That principle is the same for TBI injectors and EFI injectors. Here are three easy ways to get the most performance out of your fuel delivery system all year long.

Use High-Quality Fuel

One of the main causes of performance drops in your fuel injector system is poor-quality fuel. Every gas station has varying levels of fuel purity, but it’s smart to try fueling up at different stations. You might find that your performance improves when compared to the gas you normally use. You can try higher octane gas, but you should always follow your car manufacturer’s recommendations.

Upgrade Your Fuel Filters

The most crucial component of any fuel injection system is your fuel filter. The lifespan of your fuel injector is almost entirely dependent on that one small part. If your filter isn’t doing its job, then your fuel mixture just isn’t going to meet your performance standards. Foreign materials can get trapped in the sprayers, and you’ll need to have your injector cleaned by an experienced Fuel Injector Cleaning Bloomington IL professional. It could benefit you a lot to invest a little more into a premium fuel filter instead of going with an average one. Ensure that you replace your filter according to the recommended usage guidelines for each product.

Try Using Additives

There are a wide variety of additives you can add to your tank every time you refuel. These specialized cleaning agents will remove built-up residue from your injector, and they help keep your gas mixture cleaner. Each product on the market is different, so be sure to check that the additive you choose is right for your vehicle. Schedule Injector Cleaning Services In Bloomington IL with Scramspeed.com

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