RAM Dealers in Deming NM Offers Basic Maintenance Tips for Your Truck

by | Nov 7, 2019 | Autos

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When people talk about trucks, the first thing that comes to mind is the world-renowned truck brand, RAM. Because RAM is synonymous with dependability and efficiency, professionals like a FIAT dealer in Silver City, NM are offering their clients some useful tips on how to extend the life of their beloved truck.

If RAM is dependable, why need the maintenance?

Though RAM dealers in Deming, NM guarantee their brand’s quality, truck maintenance is still essential to keep your car in good working condition. Maintenance not only improves its performance, but it also guarantees your safety while on the road.

As people often say, prevention is way better than cure. The same goes with your truck’s upkeeping. When you regularly maintain your truck, then there’s a higher probability that you can enjoy driving your vehicle for more years to come.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve just bought a new pick-up truck or purchased a second-hand vehicle, maintenance is a must for all car owners. Here are some basic tips given by a trusted FIAT dealer in Silver City to guarantee the best performance out of your truck in every ride.  

Get a periodic engine oil and filter change. 

You’d be surprised on how many truck owners actually forget this basic step. Driving your truck can get your engine oil contaminated with dirt, dust, and everyday debris. The same goes with your oil and air filter. For this reason, it’s recommended that you change your engine oil and filters regularly.

Refer to the owner’s manual of your car, or consult  RAM dealers in Deming, NM, to ensure that you get the oil change schedule right. Dealers can also advise you on what kind of engine oil is best for your truck. The oil filter, on the other hand, must be changed whenever you change your truck’s engine oil. For air filters, it is recommended to change them every 12,000 miles (or every 12 months, whichever comes first).

Check your engine fluid levels.

It’s not only the engine oil that you need to check. You also need to do routine checks on your truck’s fluid levels (e.g. brake fluid, steering fluid, engine coolant). These fluids are essential to keep your truck’s performance at optimum level.

 Always check your tires.

Drivers often forget to check their tires, and this can often lead to accidents. However, this practice is highly unsafe not only for truck drivers, but also for all drivers. If you’re unsure on the recommended tire pressure of your truck, you can always check its owner’s manual, or you can just ask your FIAT dealer in Silver City.

You should also remember to regularly check your tire tread depth. When tires are worn out, it fails to get the optimum contact on the road’s surface. When it happens, it can lead to an accident, especially when the weather conditions on the road are bad.

To know more on how to take care and maintain your beloved pickup truck, visit the Viva CDJRF website.

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