The Basic Facts about Jaguar Certified Pre-Owned Cars For Sale

by | Aug 31, 2023 | Auto Repair Shop

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When it comes to buying a luxury vehicle, many individuals often look for a used car. A used Jaguar is sought after. However, the better option is to visit a dealer who offers Jaguar certified pre-owned cars for sale in Philadelphia. Many reviewers and critics believe the Jaguar pre-owned certification program is among the best offered for luxury vehicles.

What Does It Take to Become a Certified Pre-Owned Jaguar?

Jaguar certified pre-owned cars for sale by licensed dealerships in Philadelphia are part of an intense, highly monitored and controlled certification program. The receive this denotation, a Jaguar must comply with and undergo the following:

  1. Age: A Jaguar can be no older than five years.
  2. Mileage: The odometer of the vehicle must read less than 60,000 miles.
  3. Inspection: Each prospective Jaguar must undergo a 165-point inspection. This can only be carried out by a qualified, factory-trained technician.
  4. History Report: The report must be clean.

The result of this program is indisputably a used vehicle worthy of your consideration.

The Advantages

Jaguar certified pre-owned cars for sale come with a warranty. It covers seven years or 100,000 miles. Although a limited bumper-to-bumper coverage, it does include the powertrain. It is also an increase of several hundred miles and 2 years over the coverage granted a new Jaguar. Another edition is 24/7 roadside assistance. These perks clearly indicate the faith the company has in their program. It also demonstrates how the risk for those who want to purchase a used Jaguar is greatly decreased.

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