Considerations About Engine Repair in Carmel, IN for a Malfunctioning Cylinder

by | Nov 1, 2016 | Auto Repair

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Nearly all passenger vehicles have four, six, or eight cylinders in the engine. Sometimes, a cylinder malfunctions and the vehicle owner needs to schedule Engine Repair in Carmel IN. Technically, it’s usually possible to continue driving a vehicle with a bad cylinder, although mechanics consider this to be hard on the engine. Doing so also decreases performance and causes symptoms such as misfiring, rough idling, and unusual noises. Acceleration may be sluggish. Nevertheless, as long as the piston is still able to move as it should within the cylinder, the vehicle should keep running for many more miles and not break down on the highway.

In some cases, the vehicle owner is gratified to discover that what seemed to be a bad cylinder is only a bad spark plug. Before performing engine repair in Carmel IN, mechanics run diagnostics on the system and check basic elements like plugs and wires. If a spark plug is not providing a spark to the cylinder, the cylinder will respond with symptoms indicating it no longer functions. Unfortunately, sometimes the cylinder does need to be replaced or the owner has the option of getting a rebuilt or new engine installed. Mechanics check compression of the cylinders and can identify when one is running significantly lower than it should be. Worn valves and leaking piston rings are examples of cylinder issues. In some cases, the cylinder wall is cracked, and repair is not possible.

Cylinder repair, as well as replacement, can be expensive because of the extensive labor involved. Sometimes, it costs as much as a rebuilt engine purchase and installation. The owner needs to consider whether to have either type of work done, to junk the vehicle, or try to sell it in “as is” condition. The decision depends on factors such as how much it would cost to replace the vehicle and whether the individual can afford to do so. If the car or pickup truck is otherwise in very good shape, keeping it may be the wisest choice. Contact Pete’s Service Center to schedule an appointment for diagnostics in order to make an informed decision.

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